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Betelnut Tree!

Posted by Shuva Brata Deb (Bangalore, India) on 12 March 2005 in Plant & Nature.

Jason from Atlanta, United States

Do you eat betelnuts?

12 Mar 2005 3:37pm

Shuva from India

No, I dont like it, but most elders at my native place eat them a lot.

13 Mar 2005 5:38am

Grace from United States

I love betelnuts,, makes me relieve stress. I missed the ones i use to chew at home. can't live without it..

27 Jun 2006 6:59pm

Say from Honolulu, United States

I enjoy betelnuts. Is there an betelnut export business out from where you're from I could get in contact with. I would like to buy betelnuts in large quantatities/volume for resale in Hawaii.

22 Jul 2006 7:44pm

Andrew from Papua New Guinea

I am willing to export betelnut to other countries, are there potential buyers out there.Betelnut is found all over my country.

11 Apr 2008 2:09am

MuLangdiy from Micronesia

I am thankful that everywhere i go i found betelnuts, not that i apply them on my daily basis, but grew up with chewers and most of my friends does..., So if its the cultures why not,

8 Apr 2009 5:11am

MuLangdiy from Micronesia

Basically it is a culture where had been carried from generations to generations, so just look@ it and try to imagine if urself u were in their shoes..., hehehehe, i am not a chewer but been seeing around been around it;;;

6 May 2009 3:41pm